Great Yorkshire Show 2017

On the 11th July my family, a friend and I went to Yorkshire Show for my birthday (the big 21!) And the weather, well, was typically British. Rain all day! But never the less we we still went determined not to let the weather dampen our spirits.

My friend Abbey who I met at college came over for my birthday, so the both of us had the whole day to wonder around the show ground and do as we please whilst my family went and did their own thing.

Yorkshire Show

Our first point of call was to go and visit all of the animals, so we went to the pigs, then the sheep, the cows, the goats who were very friendly and we had a lovely time cuddling them, even if some did try to eat out coats πŸ˜› Then finally we went to the horses. There is always shires and clydesdales at Yorkshire Show and I love heavy horses, it was a no brainer that we had to see them! There was one clydesdale in particular who was particularly lovely and Abbey and I Β must have spent around 15 minutes cuddling him, we were really tempted to take him home (even though we would have struggled to fit him in the car) πŸ˜‰

Yorkshire Show

After we saw the animals we had a look at some of the stalls, then watched the show jumping in the warmup ring for a little bit before heading the the main ring where a show jumping class was taking place.

When you’re at a show and it’s your birthday you cannot go and not drink Pimms, so of course we went and bought some (Β£8 a pint!). Nothing makes me feel more British than being at a county show, in the rain, wearing my country boots and drinking Pimms.

Yorkshire ShowYorkshire Show

For the majority of the remaining time at the show we stayed at the main arena. When the show jumping had finished then it was the Atkinson Action Horses who were spellbinding! The a side saddle class, and the final class we watched was the clydesdales and shires pulling the carts.

Yorkshire ShowYorkshire Show

Overall I had a wonderful day, despite the rain, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 21st!

Until next year…

Yorkshire ShowYorkshire Show


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