A Mermaid In Malham

Okay, so there wasn’t an actual mermaid in Malham, but we brought something of the similar vibe.

Myself and some friends from uni organise group photoshoots every couple of months that we do just for fun and to enjoy experimenting and bring the fun back into our photography. These shoots can involve anything from flower crowns, to wacky coloured bath water, to running around in the middle of a field, we’ll use whatever ideas our imaginations create, no matter how crazy.

So this week we packed up our cameras and imaginations and took them to Malham in North Yorkshire. We have been wanting to do a shoot at Malham since last summer as it is such a beautiful part of the world, and there is one specific natural beauty we wanted to shoot at: Janet Foss. I remember when I first visited this waterfall back in 2015 when I was on a trip with my family, a tranquil paradise hidden under a thick green canopy with a ring of light shining down to the clear pool below. Deformed rocks rose out of the shallows in disformed patterns like chairs at The Mad Hatters tea party, and the water flowed like white chiffon down the mahogany coloured edge, making the water jump and dance when it met the pool at the bottom. It’s like a place from a fairytale, and legend has it that the Foss is home to Jennet the queen of the fairies, but unfortunately we’ve not caught a glimpse of her yet.


So for our shoot at Janet Foss this week we had the idea of a mermaid themed shoot as Melissa (Candy Snaps Photography) won the most beautiful handmade crown by Aurora Moon Headwear made of shells, so of course we had to use it!

On the day of the shoot we rose early and drove to Malham village before starting our walk to the Janet Foss. When we arrived it was a lot quieter compared to the last time I was there which made it much easier as there was less chance of people getting in the shots. My sister actually modelled for us, so we helped her put the wig and crown on, got our cameras out, then the shoot began!


Melissa was the main photographer for the day as I was filming the shoot for a behind the scenes video, but myself and Josh also got to take some photographs towards the end of the shoot when I had finished filming. Melissa also brought a prism with her which we all had a go at using to create a rainbow effect in the photographs, which was fun to use as depending on the angle you tiled the prism at you also duplicated the model.

Throughout our time shooting at Janet Foss it was fairly quiet, there were small groups of walkers passing by and stopping to look at the waterfall every now and again, but overall quite quiet… until just as we were about to finish up a group of kids on a school trip appeared and made camp at the Foss for lunch. I bet they thought we were a funny sight with a model wearing a plink wig and crown standing in the middle of a waterfall and ourselves clambering over the rocks with cameras, I don’t think that’s what they were expecting on a geography trip πŸ˜‰


Once we had finished up at Janet Foss we made out way to Gordale Scar which is another waterfall just a couple of minutes away to have our lunch at. After we had arrived there and eaten our lunch we had a go at climbing up the lower part of the waterfall without getting our feet wet, which wasn’t a very clever idea for me, especially since I was wearing white converse which are defiantly worse for wear. We all climbed onto a large rock in the middle of the falls and just sat there looking up at the waterfall and then down at the river running beneath us. It was so nice to just sit there, listening to the roar of the water and admiring the view, a view that not as many people would witness. It was one of those moments where I wish time would just stand still and I could stay there forever, everything was just so tranquil and disconnected from out outside world, I love moments like that.


Eventually we packed up and started heading back to the car. On our way back we went past Janet Foss again and we could hear someone talking loudly as we were coming up to it, and when we could see the Foss to our amusement there was another photographer there with a model in a pink fairytale dress sitting on a rock next to the waterfall! I thought it so hilarious that he was basically doing the exact same shoot that we were doing only a couple of hours before! It was a good job that we got there early otherwise we both would have been in a very awkward but funny situation!

In all we had an amazing day and a very successful shoot! All of us were pleased with what we got out of the shoot, and it was also a fun day exploring the Yorkshire countryside and shooting at a new location. We will defiantly be going back to Yorkshire for future shoots (in fact we already have another location in Yorkshire we want to shoot at), it really is a wonderful part of the world and we’ve only explored a small part of it!

I look forward to out next shoot and what crazy idea we come up with next, who know what that will be πŸ˜‰


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